Make An Impact.

Say Hello To Boosting
Your Creativity In A
Post-Covid World.

Demands on you are higher than ever. You know you need to innovate, but you don’t know where to start. After months and months at home, you feel stale, stuck, spinning on a hamster wheel and presenting the same old ideas. You’re missing the “create” in creativity.

Creationeers, it literally pays to be creative! Don’t let the next big breakthrough get away.

If you Unleash Your Creativity, you’ll soon launch ideas faster, save time and money and rollout solutions that impact your bottom line. Seriously, invest in your creativity and you’ll be rewarded quickly.

Sure, you can keep doing business as usual, but you’ll have less impact.

The daily struggle is real.
So much is being asked of you these days. Is the fight to keep up killing your creativity?

Raise your ✋ hand if you've been feeling like:

Innovation is intimidating and expensive.
I don't have time to try something new….it's sooo hard to keep up with trends
I'm tired of always being steps behind the competition
I am doing what I know should work, but not getting the results I want.
I feel like I'm spinning my wheels on things that don't matter.
I want to think outside the box, but I don't know how.
I’m overwhelmed as I'm constantly asked to come up with new ideas
I fear being seen as irrelevant and behind the times
I just want to feel inspired and be a part of something new

If you say yes to any of the above you're in the right place.

There is a better way.

We Are All Creative.

And, it's 100% wrong if you've heard otherwise.

Good news, Creationeers! There are great ideas in all of us. Creativity is a muscle you flex. Plain and simple. And, when we build on those ideas, it's magic. Innovation thrives on creativity, and it’s the key to the next big growth concept. You just need to know how to unleash it in yourself and inspire those around you.

Here's the secret the top innovation experts won't tell you:

The next big solution starts with you. You'll produce better ideas if you invest in your creative self. It will energize you to create new ideas that drive results. And, it's going to feel so great to be recognized as the Creationeer that you are. Not just amongst your peers, but also with your bottom line. It's the investment that pays dividends over and over.

That's right. Investing in your creative self will boost your profits.

When you focus your creative energy on things that matter it's going to save you time, money and get innovation out the door faster. You'll produce better results, and your customers will be begging for more.

Say Hi to

Unleash Your Creativity

Change gears from flat, repetitive ideas to creating new concepts that change our world.

That's where Sura comes in. Former Disney innovation director, the global in-house idea agency responsible for out-of-the box solutions.She's also a driving force behind multiple startups and a Singularity University faculty member. For two decades, Sura has been at the forefront of massive systems change -- spurring on the brightest minds to collaborate in solving challenges.

She sees so many people stuck in overdrive -- trying to reinvent the wheel every time they need new thinking. She's passionate about making the expertise more accessible so we can all make a difference together.

Built on this passion, she launched Unleashing Your Creativity.

In six weeks, this digial course uncleashes the best-of-the-best innovation techniques so you can create winning solutions.

Use your problem solving superpowers for impact

Learn, understand and apply the building blocks of creativity

Solve for challenges with the biggest impact

Understand your customer to build the solutions they crave

Push all the limits to create innovative solutions

Find ideas that will get results and make them market ready

If you starve your creativity, you won't have the energy to make the change that matters to you. Check out what you'll learn with this course.

In six weeks, Unleash Your Creativity will unveil your creative potential by simplifying best-of-the-best innovation techniques to give you a creativity toolkit that impacts your bottom line.

Investing in your creativity will help you get the growth you desire. Here's proof it will be worth it.

When I came here I didn't think I was creative or innovative. I believed I didn't have that mindset. After going through this, when I apply these tools, I find I can definitely disrupt. It helps me add more value and helps my clients grow.
Matt S, Marketing Sony
I am involved with a lot of startups, and I pay a lot for innovative ideas because I have always thought I didn"t have that creative capacity. I wanted to figure out how I can come up with my own disruptive ideas, and the tools I was exposed to achieved that goal.
Rajiv P, Financial Services to Start-ups
Sura's training is a journey of exploring new ways to be more innovative without losing efficiency and focus. We can apply your mix of effective tools & behaviors to our everyday work environment and the personal case studies enriched our understanding of collaboration & leadership. I loved every minute of this outstanding experience.
Executive, Hyperloop Technologies
The training showed me something I never knew existed, the picture of the puzzle I didn"t know I was building. It"s the awareness of the unique creativity skill set within us, it's allowing us to unleash our stuck creative potential. It celebrates our strengths and connects us to our allies -- our critical collaborators who get innovation out the door. Greatness takes a village,but it starts within us. The training helped my team unleash the greatness in us to share with the world.
Heather P, Founder of Techpawlogy
There are thousands of frameworks out there, but many are just confusing or impractical. Sura!s process is straightforward and easy to implement while yielding remarkable results. We were able to get our team on the same page, aligned and dreaming together
Omar K, Growth Director for Start-ups
I didn't realize where I was getting stuck, and I was being so hard on myself until I understood where my creative genius is, and where I can rely on others to help me. This was such a gamechanger for my business, as we were able to ship products and projects at a speed we had never been able to do before.
Katie H, Disney
This innovation training saved our Disney marketing team substantial time and money. One time, we converted a turmoil-stricken project, had all stakeholders in agreement and created one of the single most impactful marketing efforts in the company's history in 2 ½ months, a more than 30% reduction in time from previous failed efforts. On another project we solved a decade-long challenge to get conversion from people who have a high intent to purchase products to actual sales, with a more than 20% increase over a year. And, the design and creativity process also led to a video that went viral and received 19M views.

Unleash Your Creativity Includes:

Lifetime (For Now)

You'll always have access to the complete UnleashYour Creativity program (including every future upgrade to the content. Oh yes!) You'll be able to come back to this program over and over again, so you can keep boosting your creativity and innovation game and upping your potential.

Unleash Your Creativity Workbook

We want you to be successful and always have tools at your fingertips. The Unleash Your Creativity workbook is proven to get you implementing innovation faster. It's loaded with fun, fast exercises and actionable insights. It helps you take on challenges big and small, by yourself or in a group...really in any aspect of your life or work. ($450 value)

FourSight Analysis + 1:1 Strengths and Challenges Call

FourSight's “Mindset” and “Toolset” training modules are based on 65 years of research in creative problem solving. This has helped teams like NASA and Navy Seals achieve breakthrough ideas and results. We'll help you find your creative focus areas and equip you with materials to incorporate it into your life. For a limited time, users receive one hour 1:1 time with Sura to talk about your data and skills. ($600 value).

Video Training Modules with Guided Assignments

The Unleashing Your Creativity course includes videos with guided assignments that turn theory into action by breaking down innovation principles into bite-sized, simplified concepts. You'll leave the sessions with proven methods to give you the mindset, skills and tools to release meaningful innovations and drive change. (Value: $9,000)


Access to the Unlock your Creativity community where twice a month we deep dive into the creative know-hows to ensure your success. This also is a great space to tap into each other's creative mindsets and strengths.

Bonus! We really want you to find your creative brilliance, so let's make sure you have all you need:

Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet and Templates:

This is your opportunity to ask questions about what you've learned in this training series once a month with peers, and get Sura's expert advice tailored to your business. ($600 value)

Getting Unstuck Activity and Guide

Feeling stuck and not sure how to get moving? Review the symptoms and needs guide to quickly find the right tools to get you moving ahead to growth ideas. ($250 value)

Live Q&A with Sura Al-Naimi

This is your opportunity to ask questions about what you've learned in this training series once a month with peers, and get Sura's expert advice tailored to your business. ($600 value)

Need Creativity for Your Teams?

Intrigued this training could be good for your whole team? Good news! We offer live and virtual sessions focused on team or company-wide creative growth. To learn more, contact

Favorite topics include:

  • Become a more creative & collaborative team
  • Understand your team's unique creative solving preferences
  • Deliver “make a difference” creative solutions with a simple, no-nonsense approach
  • Use agile leadership principles to solve challenges
  • Add design thinking to your team's toolkit
  • Create a more collaborative and customer-centric team dynamic

Maybe you think you don't have the skills and it's someone else's role to be creative. Guess what, it's not true!

We know everyone can unleash their creativity.

Imagine throwing out THE IDEA that wows the crowd at your next meeting, shocking your bosses and colleagues as they see a side of you they didn't know ever existed.

You deliver creativity over and over, and they now see you in a different way. You've transformed into the innovator they can depend on for solutions that matter.

Unleashing Your Creativity gets you there. You just have to be willing to invest in your creative self. It' in your hands to create ideas and solutions that make a difference.

By the end of the course you'll

No longer sit back when asked to solve a new problem.

Confidently begin projects, surprised at how quickly you get great solutions.

Show energy for solving challenges, especially the ones that intimidate others.

Feel focused as you work your way through innovation.

Save time, money and get ideas out faster.

Become the breath of fresh air you or your organization needs.

  • Use your problem solving superpowers for impact
  • Learn, understand and apply the building blocks of creativity
  • Consistently solve for challenges with the biggest impact
  • Understand your customer to build the solutions they crave
  • Push all the limits of what is possible to create innovative solutions
  • Find the idea that will get results and make it ready for market

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